Mental health and addictions issues can affect everyone. It is estimated that one in five of us will experience a mental health or addictions issue in our lifetime. Eastern Health has many mental health and addiction services available for adults. These services can include individual, family and group counselling; detoxification; inpatient treatment; housing options; case management; crisis response; and urgent or emergent care. We also have programs that focus on mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention 

Eastern Health’s mental health and addictions programs provide service to a wide range of people including those experiencing acute psychotic episodes, forensic clients, geriatric residents and people trying to live and work each day with mental illness, addictions and mental health issues. Our interdisciplinary teams can be found on inpatient units, in outpatient or community clinics, correctional facilities, and are also involved in numerous support groups, training sessions, life skills programs and work settings. 


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Last updated: 2024-05-13