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The Mental Health and Addictions Program has a regional director responsible for community mental health and addictions services, a regional director responsible for acute care and tertiary services, a clinical chief, as well as a management team with over 800 staff across 25 communities. Our program staff includes physicians, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, psychologists, occupation therapists, recreational therapists, personal care attendants, licensed practical nurses, youth outreach workers, physiotherapists and administrative support.

Leadership Team

Mental Health & Addictions Acute and Tertiary Services:

Leadership Area Office / Fax
Leslie Brown Regional Director Acute Care and Tertiary Services 777-3501/777-3598
Chantel Barrett Administrative Assistant to the Regional Director Acute Care and Tertiary Services 777-3662/777-3598
Dr. Neil Young Clinical Chief 777-3322/777-3598
Deidra Hunt (TA) Clinical Efficiency; Consultation Liaison Service; Float Pool; Mental Health and Addiction casuals; Psychiatric Rehabilitation N3A 777-1526/777-3569
Denise Pollard Acute Care Psychiatry (Health Sciences Centre); Janeway Child/Adolescent Psychiatry (J4D); Eating Disorder Inpatient Unit 777-7357/777-8370
Karen Caines Regional Program Coordinator; Mental Health and Addiction educators 777-3354/777-3598
Jessica Connors Psychosis Intervention Early Recovery (PIER) Program; Geriatric Psychiatry Day Hospital (Dr. Leonard A. Miller Centre); ECT; Ambulatory Care; Dentistry 777-3751/777-1371
Mary Margaret Barrett Lean Quality Improvement Specialist 777-3713/777-3155
Maureen Moores Emergency Room Services; Health Sciences Centre/Janeway Psychiatric Emergency Registered Nurse: Short Stay Psychiatric Unit West 2A Waterford Hospital; Mobile Crisis Response 777-3077/777-3790
Michael Sweeney Forensic Services (N4B, Mental Health Court; Provincial Forensic Services) 777-3505 /777-3001
Natasha Renouf Acute Care (E3A and W3A); N2B 777-3914/777-3237
Loriann Russell Geriatric Psychiatric Services (E2A, N2A, 4SW) 777-3624/777-3811
Sherri Gosse and Kim Goodyear Mental Health and Addictions educators Sherri: 777-3366/777-3598

Kim: 777-3775/777-3598

Lisa Zigler Project Coordinator, Navigators and Networks (NavNet) 777-3090
Ann Davis-Power; Marie Antle; Julie Ann McGrath; Roseanne Penney Site Clinical Managers 777-3507/777-3696 Fax: 777-3569

Mental Health & Addictions Community Services: 

Leadership Area Office / Fax
Glenda Webber Regional Director, Community Mental Health and Addictions Services, Mount Pearl Square 752-4336/752-4989
Cathy Howlett Administrative Assistant, Community Mental Health & Addictions Services, Mount Pearl Square 752-4602/752-4989
Karen Singleton Recovery Centre; Opioid Dependence Treatment Hub 752-4981/752-4985
Alanna Greene East End Team (Majors Path, Bell Island; Portugal Cove; Torbay); HOPE Program 777-3405/777-3468
Allison Winter Regional Program Coordinator 752-7852/752/498
Andrea Sweeney Tuckamore Centre, Connect Team 752-4950/752-6851
Barry Hewitt Provincial Systems Navigator 752-3916/752-6852
Laura Strong Centre City Team (St. Clare’s; Lemarchant House; Shea Heights); Day Treatment Program 777-5822/777-5093
Pamela Quirk The Grace Centre 945-4510/595-2680
David Kielly Community Services – Rural Avalon Teams; Adult Central Intake; Prevention/Promotion 752-4922/752-4989
Evelyn Tilley Community Services – Peninsulas Teams 466-5721/466-5718
Jeannette Piper Janeway Family Center; Bridges Program; Child & Adolescent Central Intake; Janeway Psychiatry Outpatients 777-2013/777-2037
Pam Parsons (TA) ACT Team; FACT Team 777-3522/777-2042
Lisa Gilbert Housing Division (Community Care; Family Care; Supportive Care); CBS Team Long Pond 834-0802/834-0824 
Wanda Green (TA) Regional E-Mental Health Manager 752-4618
Tracy Sullivan West End Team; Concurrent Addictions Specialized Treatment (CAST); Doorways; Clinical Sexology 752-4923/777-5170
Wayne Bishop Provincial Manager, Opioid Dependence Treatment Centre of Excellence 752-4030
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Last updated: 2022-03-04