Burin Initiative

On the Burin Peninsula, anyone can access mental health and addictions services by walking in to our sites and requesting services. There is no referral required, and no waiting list.

We have taken several measures to expand primary health-care services and increase access to mental health and addictions services on the Burin Peninsula. These measures are part of a primary health-care initiative established on the Burin Peninsula, and based on feedback from residents living on the peninsula.

Access to mental health and addictions services was identified as an area that required greater focus. A number of suicides in the Grand Bank area, within the Burin Peninsula, highlighted a great need for additional services and support.

The redesign of services in the Burin Peninsula created added opportunities for individuals and families to get involved in health promotion activities in the community. Some examples include:

  • Mindfulness nature walks
  • Delivery of education sessions such as Anxiety 101 and Depression 101
  • Support for groups such as the Sunshine Friends Group in St. Lawrence
  • Mental Illness Awareness Week events
  • Wellness sessions
  • Improving Health My Way, self-management program
  • Paramedicine supports
  • Healthy Youth Relationships program
  • Self-care presentations
  • Participation in health fairs

This work sparked a need for ongoing collaboration around mental health and addictions on the Burin Peninsula, whereby a Community Coalition on Mental Health and Wellness was formed.

The vision of this group is to create a healthy community for all citizens encompassing positive mental health and wellness with a specific focus on suicide prevention, intervention and postvention. This group meets on a quarterly basis and has developed a community action plan.

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Last updated: 2021-06-14